Bringing victory together

Bringing victory together

Supporting Ukrainians through in-country communication

Important to support

Strategic planning

Analytics and strategy during wartime in Ukraine

What is important to say right now

Creative thinking and design

Creative thinking , layout, adaptation, resizing, technical design

What media to use

Wide regional placement

Railway, public transport, outdoor advertising, Kyiv metro.

Support Ukrainians instead of advertising

Important and relevant communication

Communication supports faith in the future and raises morale, everything you do brings Ukraine closer to victory.

Communicating here and now. Context analysis and fast rotation of communication messages.

In these difficult times for Ukraine, communication will increase the level of brand credibility and allow it to prospare in times of recovery and renewal.

Map of possible advertisement placement and targeting

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Placement approach is a focus on response speed

Regional situation monitoring 3 times a day

Informing and providing solutions in case of arising problems

Employee safety and systematic reporting during deployment

Control of all stages of the advertising campaign

Our team consists of 750 professionals who are in love with their work. For 20 years we have been providing a full range of advertising services – from creating an idea to implementing a grate advertising campaign.

We work together here and now

We work 5 days a week from 9:30 to 18:30 and will call you back soon